Sitcom Nerd

7 Jul

I am a total television/sitcom nerd. I have my select shows that I watch, including older shows that are a treat to catch in reruns. From one of my all-time favorites M*A*S*H to Seinfeld, to some current favs including 30 Rock, Parks and Rec and The Big Bang Theory, these shows provide entertainment and situations & characters to relate to.

One of my current favorites is How I Met Your Mother. I have all the seasons that are out on DVD. I recently pulled out season 4 to watch again and am always amazed at the wonderful writing, great jokes, and hilarious scenes. I didn’t actually get into this show until the third season. I had caught episodes here and there, but it wasn’t until I bought the first two that I fell in love and it was added into my weekly schedule. I was a big fan of Freaks and Geeks and loved that Jason Segel was on the show.

The show has a great way of showing flash-backs, especially since the show itself is technically a flashback. You really get to know the characters in depth, especially Ted, Marshal and Lily as they met in college and have the longest relationship of the group. The college flash backs are great. Especially Ted’s hair. It’s been great exploring the others, like how Barney became to be the ladies man that he is, and how Robin was once a Canadian Teen Pop Star. Be sure to watch the Let’s Go to the Mall music video. Warning: It will get stuck in your head!

All my favorites are now out on summer break and I have to admit, I miss my routines of watching my favorite shows. They will be back in the fall, but the summer feels so long…..


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