Working on Crochet Projects

9 Jul

While on my job hunt I’ve had a lot of free time, and it’s a bit mind-numbing. I’ve started crocheting again – a hobby I taught myself last summer and in the winter I finished my biggest project to date: a blanket. It’s a beautiful grey and pink made with 100% wool. I wanted to use a high-quality yarn, so I ended up using Patons, which makes great quality yarns, but it’s a little pricey. All the yarn that went into this blanket cost a pretty penny.

Here’s my cat Ellie, laying on the blanket while it was still in progress. She was still a kitten then, but now she’s full grown and the blanket is quite longer. She loved to lay on it while I was making it.

With my limited budget these days, I’ve been eyeing my yarn stash, trying to figure out what to make. I recently started a few projects – one with some neat Alpaca yarn I got online at a really good price – I’m not quite sure what it will be yet. I’m also trying my first pattern – which has been difficult as I’m already stuck on one of the rows. It’s a neat Cardigan that has gotten great reviews and the pictures look great.

Ahh, summer projects. I’ve got some crochet books on hold for me at the library, which will hopefully inspire me.


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