Get Organized

22 Sep

Going through my workroom there are piles of books, boxes of junk, tubes of paint, stacks of notebooks, 1/2 complete projects, etc. I’ve finally taken to the task of getting this room in control. It’s a slow process, but I’m getting there!

After finishing an order for my felt turntable ornaments, I set out to finally organize the box of embroidering floss. I found a great solution to storing it that didn’t require me to spend any money in the process (which is very important these days.)

Find a few pieces of cardboard and with a utility or exacto knife, cut two squares across from each other to form a space to wind the thread. Once done, make a small slit on the extended piece of cardboard to hold the loose end.

Very simple! If you want it to be prettier, you could paint or decorate the cardboard, but I’m OK with the simplicity.

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