Goodbye Readymade Magazine

16 Jun

Readymade Magazine
, that fun inspirational bi-monthly magazine full of great everyday tips and amazing projects, announced that it was being closed down by their parent company.

Readymade is the only magazine I subscribe to, and I always looked forward to the arrival of new issues. It was beautifully designed and full of awesome content and projects that both inspired and boggled my mind. Everything from transforming shipping palettes into furniture, shaping old newspapers into seedling pots and of course delicious recipes for homemade ice cream and great gardening tips.

I think we’re all ready for the economy to turn around and stop crushing everything we love. Magazines and newspapers have had it doubly hard with the rise of the internet and movement to reduce paper use.

I’m not sure what the status is on the equally fantastic Readymade website. I hope they’ll pull a Craft Magazine and keep the website and blog going which also feature great projects, photos and links.

Thanks for the past 10 years Readymade. We’ll miss you. Much love to your hardworking staff and to many awesome future endeavors. I will cherish my back issues.

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