Hermit Tunes episode 1

22 Jun

hermit tunes episode 1

Here it is! Episode 1 of Hermit Tunes, my radio show on KDVS. I’m back on the air after taking a few years off. Since the show has a new name (it was previously Live in the Warzone) and for simplicity, I’m going to start the numbering at 1, but if I was really counting from when I previously had a show, it would be in the hundreds.

The playlist is below. Please don’t worry if you’ve never heard of the bands. I play a lot of underground/independent music and many tracks are weird gems from bands that only released a couple of singles or an album and then disappeared. KDVS has been around for over 40 years and has a massive collection of great stuff including the obscure.

This show was a lot of fun. I meant to play more new stuff, but instead I played a bunch of my favorites including some great power pop tracks from bands like the Purple Hearts and Protex, as well as punkier stuff like the Detours and synthy fun from Art Interface and Dementia Precox. We even got two great covers. The Raincoats did their awesome cover of the Kinks “Lola”, and the Hates did “Houston”, originally by Lee Hazelwood.

Enough yammering. Please enjoy the show!

Listening options:
Stream the archive
Download* (128kbps)

*Please note, show starts at 1:47. Fast forward through the Sports show ahead of mine.


King Tuff – Dancing on You – Was Dead 2011

Art Interface – Wardance -Wardance Single – If Records 1984
Finesse – Nervous Time – V/A Up Another Octave Transmission – Up Another Octave Records and Tapes 1981
D-Day – Everytime I Ask You Out – Too Young to Date – Moment 1979
Protex – I Can’t Cope – V/A Made in Britain – Polydor 1979
Accidents – Blood Splattered with Guitars – V/A This is Mod – Get Back
The Letters – Nobody Loves Me – V/A This is Mod Get Back
Jack & The Rippers – I Think It’s Over – V/A Swiss Wave – Off Course 1980

The Detours – Hang Ten in East Berlin – V/A Up Another Octave Transmission – Up Another Octave Records and Tapes 1981
The Hates – Houston – Panacea 12″ EP
Dow Jones & the Industrials – Can’t Stand The Midwest – Can’t Stand the Midwest – Family Vineyard Reissue 2011
Purple Hearts – Frustration – Frustration Single – Fiction1979
Kleenex – Hedi’s Head – Aint You – Rough Trade 1978
Raincoats – Lola – Raincoats – Rough Trade 1979

Dementia Precox – Maladie D’esprit – SCHP – Prehensile Records
What Now – Anthem – Small Record with Four Songs – Incas1985
The Jam – Disguises – Funeral Pyre – Polydor 1981
Slight Seconds – Building Bridges – V/A Waiting Room Object Music 1980

Napalm Beach – Why Do Parties Have to End? – V/A Trap Sampler – Trap / Zeno 1981/2004

2 Responses to “Hermit Tunes episode 1”

  1. Fuzzbox Flynn June 22, 2011 at 3:01 pm #

    fuzzbox flynn ❤ ❤ Hermit Tunes!!

  2. klingerdesigns June 23, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    Thanks Fuzzbox Flynn!

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