Hermit Tunes Episode 7

18 Aug

Listening options:
Stream the archive
Download* (128kbps)
*Please note, show starts at 3:37. Fast forward through the Sports show ahead of mine.


Pink Grease – Peaches – This is For Real – Mute2004
Tangiers – Return to the Ship – Hot New Spirits – Sonic Unyon 2003

Ponys – Discoteca – Celebration Castle – In the Red 2005
Wounded Lion – Pony People – Carol Cloud – S-S 2008
NoBunny – Oh Cody – Raw Romance – Burger 2010
Ski Instructors – Horoscope – Kids on the Street – Dulcitone 2007

Women and Children – Born TP – Paralyzed Dance, Tonight – Narnack
Magnetic Fields – Washington D.C. – 69 Love Songs Vol. 2 – Merge 2004
Magnetic Fields – I Don’t Believe You – I – Nonesuch 2004

Purple Wizard – I’m Not Angry – I’ve Been Wrong Before – Show and Tell 2004
Purple Wizard – BBQ – BBQ – Show and Tell
Hunx and His Punx – Gimmie Gimmie Back Your Love – You Don’t Like Rock n Roll Rob’s House 2008
Yolks – I Do What I Do – Introducing the Yolks EP – Criminal IQ 2008
Dan Sartain – Doin’ Anything I Say – Legacy of Hospitality – One Little Indian 2011

Lyme Regis – Suffer Suffer – It Starts with the Band 4-song EP – Smart Guy 2005
Home Blitz – Feeling Cold – Live Outside – Self Released 2006
Lyme Regis – USA – It Starts with the Band 4-song EP Smart Guy 2005

Jay Reatard – Fading All Away – Blood Visions – In the Red 2006
Next week will be my last show! Thanks for sticking with it all summer! If you want to download the shows to keep for later, do it soon. The archive disappears after a few months. I’m not sure when I’ll be back on the air with a regular show, but I will keep you updated if I do any subbing.

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