Baby Clamshell

25 Aug

Another great pattern on Ravelry caught my eye, this being the Clamshell pattern by Cherry Heart. I really liked the simplicity and versatility of the design, and did a few practice runs to try it out. Once I got the two alternating “stripes” down, it was a snap, a lot like the Ripple Pattern by Lucy in the Attic that I also love. I’ve made at least 4 or 5 blankets with that pattern alone! As for the Clamshell, I was pondering using up some of my yarn stash which has gotten a little out of control. That made obvious by a joke from my boyfriend. Whoops, I guess I do have a lot of yarn! As I started that project, we got news that a couple in the family welcomed a new baby into their lives and hey, perfect reason to buy some more yarn to match the colors on their announcement card and put that Clamshell pattern to work.

I putted away on this for about a month and came out with a good size blanket that should be large enough to be useable for the next few years.


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