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Wedding Buttons a “Favorite Goodie!”

5 Jan

Another awesome way to start the New Year was to see my buttons chosen as a Favorite Goodie in Our Wedding Magazine. They featured the bride and groom design that I illustrated. If you’re in need of wedding buttons (or any other kind of custom button) you can check out my Etsy shop. Thanks again to the kind folks at Sacramento/Our Wedding Magazine. It was great to see my buttons in print.


Heart Whales!

14 Oct

Whales are awesome. They’ve been around for millions of years (in various forms or another), but are most recognizable in their current form. I’ve made a set of three buttons to show your love of whales. I call them Heart Whales.

Nerdy Cups pinback buttons

31 Aug

Why hello! You like coffee and tea and nerdy things? Well then, here you go. A set of four pinback buttons featuring nerdy cups. One each with: glasses, suspenders, a monocle and a bow tie! I had a blast illustrating these, and I think you’ll love pinning them on your favorite bag or jacket. This set of four is only $5! Buy ’em.

Ice Cream Buttons

27 Aug

Although it still feels like summer, it’s definitely winding down. School is starting back up, the sun is disappearing sooner and advertisements for Halloween (I know!) are already popping up in advertisements and in commercials. Ice Cream, while a year around treat is still very reminiscent of summer. I made these cute 1″ buttons of various ice cream flavors to proclaim my love of ice cream and the beauty that is the ice cream cone. They come in sets of 5 and you chose the flavors!

I hope you all had a nice summer and are shifting into the fall gear. I for one LOVE fall and I can’t wait to be reunited with my cardigans, big bowls of soup and warm blankets.

Library Love

1 Aug

Library Love Pinback buttons! It’s summer and my brain is devouring books…

New Cat Buttons

12 Jun

I have two new sets of cat buttons! One features sleeping “solid” color cats in white, black and gray, and the other features four different color tabby cats. Calicos are currently in the works…

I have three cats of my own, whom I love more than many things in life. They each have their own personalities, and although at least once a day they get nutty and go into crazy cat mode (two are still kittens), I do love them despite the messes they incur.

Show your love of your fellow felines with these cute buttons.

Wedding Buttons

1 Jun

Over the past few years I’ve had several requests to make Wedding Buttons. I have done several custom orders, but this week I revealed some pre-made wedding buttons. They can be custom made with the date of your special day or with short text such as initials. They are available here in my Etsy Shop, and as always, the illustrations are copyrighted by me! I’ll still do custom work as always, but these provide another option! Here are the four designs.

New Year, New Ideas

2 Jan

Happy New Year, all! While 2010 was very rocky, I’m trying to start the new year right. I had a great holiday season and enjoyed spending time with family, friends and our kitties including a cute little foster kitty who’s almost ready for her new home.

While I start my plans and schedule for the new year, I ask a few seconds of your time to fill out this quick poll. It will help me decide what new things I will focus on for this new year while I expand my Etsy Shop and work on a new website (!!)

Please select the product you’d love to see most. If you have more to say, please go ahead and leave a comment with any other feedback you have.
As I can’t get the stupid poll to work…if you could just leave a comment with what you’d like to see (you can pick multiples if you want!) that would be awesome.

What new products would you like to see?

  • T-Shirts
  • Bags
  • Notepads
  • Prints
  • Buttons
  • Button Packs
  • Clothing
  • Other

Rocketing towards the Holidays

16 Nov

You can’t stop them, they come every year. First it’s Halloween and cool nights, then the multi-colored leaves covering fading lawns.  All of the sudden Thanksgiving is just barely a week away! I love this time of year and I hope you aren’t getting too stressed yet! We’ve got a while to go to Christmas, but if you’re starting to think about it, good for you! We’re starting to ponder getting a real tree this year, but with a new kitten, and a teenage kitty, it’s a scary prospect. If you’re also starting to think about that holiday tree, check out these cute Felt Turntable Ornaments I’ve made. They are super cute and also affordable!

My Etsy Shop also has lots of adorable gifts, including great stocking stuffers. If you want to make custom buttons for the family, please do so too before the holiday rush sets in.

I know it’s a rough year for many people with the sluggish economy and gloomy mist that seems to stick around. Keep in mind the holidays aren’t about presents, but spending time (even begrudgingly) with family and friends. (Including our furry friends!!) Enjoy some great meals, good movies and lots of time to craft!

Happy Holidays and feel free to check back for more crafty-ness and what’s going on in the shop.

Back to work!

14 Sep

I’ve had that terrible flu going around and am finally getting back to working on some new stuff! I have a few new designs I’m still tweaking, but that are going to be ready soon. Yesterday I listed these new teapot buttons.

I’m also working on some fun “patterns” and have been considering the possibility of making fabric. We’ll see…it may be a little out of my price range right now, but Spoonflower looks like a really cool service.

Time to go enjoy some leftover birthday pizza!