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Thank Yous always in order

9 Apr


I designed some fun thank-you cards and they are now available in my Etsy Shop! There are currently two fun minimal designs and I hope to have more up in the future. They are available individually, as well as in a set of 5. They include super beautiful European-style envelopes.


Pie Note Cards

1 Aug

Few things are as delicious as pie. I’m happy to share this new creation which is dedicated to this delectable pastry. I spent the afternoon drooling over these fun pie illustrations. A set of ten pie note cards are now available in my Etsy Shop in several variations. The cards are blank, lending themselves well for a variety of purposes including thank yous, greetings, birthdays and plenty of other occasions. I hope you enjoy them as much I did making them!

Housewarming Party Invitations

3 Apr

This month so far has seen the creation of 4 invitations! I plan on unveiling many more over the next few weeks. I’ve always wanted to get into developing and creating paper goods and here we go. The first one I’m sharing here are my Mid-Modern Century inspired Housewarming invitations. I really love these. Text & color are customizable. They are available in my Etsy Store. They are sold in sets with envelopes, but can also be set up and sent to you as a high-quality PDF for you to print yourself. Contact me for more information.

Happy Tuesday!

Floating leaves and lots of Sheep

14 Mar

Yay! New fabric! Designing fabric during the last year has been one of my favorite projects. If you’re a graphic designer or illustrator, learning to make a pattern is a useful skill. I learned by following some great tutorials online. Here’s one, and here’s another!

At first glance they appear to be polka dots, but take a closer look…they’re sheep! Cute fluffy sheep on a beautiful eggplant purple background. Available on Etsy and Spoonflower.

Floating leaves on a white background.
Available on Etsy and Spoonflower.

New Fabric Designs

3 Feb

I’ve been keeping so busy this year and it’s only one month in! I’ve been hard at work on several new fabric designs and three are now available in my Etsy Store. They are also available for purchase on Spoonflower in a variety of sizes and fabrics. These are all from my own original illustrations and designed by me and printed through Spoonflower.

Blue Umbrellas Fabric. Large motif blue and white striped umbrellas on a baby-blue background.

Heart Whales Fabric. Pink, white and gray whales on a beautiful rich blue/turquoise background.

Gray and White Flowers Fabric. Vintage-style gray flowers with a modern twist on a mustard yellow background.

Wedding Buttons a “Favorite Goodie!”

5 Jan

Another awesome way to start the New Year was to see my buttons chosen as a Favorite Goodie in Our Wedding Magazine. They featured the bride and groom design that I illustrated. If you’re in need of wedding buttons (or any other kind of custom button) you can check out my Etsy shop. Thanks again to the kind folks at Sacramento/Our Wedding Magazine. It was great to see my buttons in print.

Turntable Ornaments are back!

14 Nov

It’s the middle of November and Thanksgiving is so close that I’m perpetually drooling until the 24th arrives (and better yet, Veggie Thanksgiving that following Saturday!) Since Christmas is just a hop away, my felt turntable ornaments are back in the Etsy Shop. They are handmade and are great for you or that vinyl nerd you know. I’ve dropped the price to $5/piece until Dec 1st (the value pack is still the best deal! so grab them now! More will be available soon and you’re always welcome to request custom colors.

I’ve got to get back to looking for pie recipes on the ‘net to prep for the holiday festivities. I hope to get a few more posts out before the end of the year. Happy Holiday prepping!

Heart Whales!

14 Oct

Whales are awesome. They’ve been around for millions of years (in various forms or another), but are most recognizable in their current form. I’ve made a set of three buttons to show your love of whales. I call them Heart Whales.

Nerdy Cups pinback buttons

31 Aug

Why hello! You like coffee and tea and nerdy things? Well then, here you go. A set of four pinback buttons featuring nerdy cups. One each with: glasses, suspenders, a monocle and a bow tie! I had a blast illustrating these, and I think you’ll love pinning them on your favorite bag or jacket. This set of four is only $5! Buy ’em.

Ice Cream Buttons

27 Aug

Although it still feels like summer, it’s definitely winding down. School is starting back up, the sun is disappearing sooner and advertisements for Halloween (I know!) are already popping up in advertisements and in commercials. Ice Cream, while a year around treat is still very reminiscent of summer. I made these cute 1″ buttons of various ice cream flavors to proclaim my love of ice cream and the beauty that is the ice cream cone. They come in sets of 5 and you chose the flavors!

I hope you all had a nice summer and are shifting into the fall gear. I for one LOVE fall and I can’t wait to be reunited with my cardigans, big bowls of soup and warm blankets.