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June 2012 Fabrics

22 Jun

I have a new batch of fabric now available on! Designing fabric has been one of my favorite projects lately.


Floating leaves and lots of Sheep

14 Mar

Yay! New fabric! Designing fabric during the last year has been one of my favorite projects. If you’re a graphic designer or illustrator, learning to make a pattern is a useful skill. I learned by following some great tutorials online. Here’s one, and here’s another!

At first glance they appear to be polka dots, but take a closer look…they’re sheep! Cute fluffy sheep on a beautiful eggplant purple background. Available on Etsy and Spoonflower.

Floating leaves on a white background.
Available on Etsy and Spoonflower.

New Fabric Designs

3 Feb

I’ve been keeping so busy this year and it’s only one month in! I’ve been hard at work on several new fabric designs and three are now available in my Etsy Store. They are also available for purchase on Spoonflower in a variety of sizes and fabrics. These are all from my own original illustrations and designed by me and printed through Spoonflower.

Blue Umbrellas Fabric. Large motif blue and white striped umbrellas on a baby-blue background.

Heart Whales Fabric. Pink, white and gray whales on a beautiful rich blue/turquoise background.

Gray and White Flowers Fabric. Vintage-style gray flowers with a modern twist on a mustard yellow background.