Thank Yous always in order

9 Apr


I designed some fun thank-you cards and they are now available in my Etsy Shop! There are currently two fun minimal designs and I hope to have more up in the future. They are available individually, as well as in a set of 5. They include super beautiful European-style envelopes.


Worst Blogger!

26 Mar


That’s me – worst blogger!! What a terrible blogger I am. Oh well. All this is really just a hobby right now. When things really get rolling maybe I’ll have more to post about?

Let’s move onto better things. I have a new plant discovery! Air plants! (Seems logical, right? Succulents to air plants?) I’ve seen the name around, but never did the research until recently. It happened right before a trip to one of the local plant nurseries and they had a whole basket of them. I plucked out three and they are now displayed around the house, high up, out of reach of the pesky, troublesome, awesome kitties.  The largest one you can see is now displayed in this awesome Counselor Troi mug, a fantastic holiday gift from one of my fellow Next Gen nerds in my office/studio/yarn/craft emporium. I’m also trying my hand at a terrarium for another one. It’s in progress, so I’ll share that later.

While on a short break, I’ve been working on a fun new crochet project. I always like to have an in-progress project, and there are usually multiples, which is the case now. I learned a new pattern, a fun version of the popular African Flowers design. I’m making a super special, super secret thing for a friend. I’ll share a sneak of the flowers. I’m working factory-style, so this is just a portion of the afghan block. It’s an 8-pedaled version which gives the block a square outline instead of a hexagon. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hexagon, but they give you trouble when it comes to the edging.


Thanks for reading. It’s kind of nice to have a place for some brain smatterings and crafty sharing. Onwards!

Pie Note Cards

1 Aug

Few things are as delicious as pie. I’m happy to share this new creation which is dedicated to this delectable pastry. I spent the afternoon drooling over these fun pie illustrations. A set of ten pie note cards are now available in my Etsy Shop in several variations. The cards are blank, lending themselves well for a variety of purposes including thank yous, greetings, birthdays and plenty of other occasions. I hope you enjoy them as much I did making them!

Subbed Radio Show 6.21.2012

22 Jun

I haven’t done a show on KDVS since last summer, so it was fantastic to do an hour slot yesterday. I played some old favorites and threw in some brand new releases and reissues. I hope you enjoy it.

Listening options:
Stream here.
Download here.


Soft Boys – Sandra’s Having her Brain Out – A Can of Bees – Two Crabs 1984

Seventeen – Night’s Over Now – Collected Studio Recordings
Ratz – Call it Quitz – Call it Quitz 7” – Rotating Records 1981
The Skunks – Earthquake Shake – Can’t Get Loose 7” reissue – Last Laugh 2012
Razz – Marianne – Airtime 7” EP – O’Rowrke 1979
Dirty Looks – Let Go – S/T – Stiff / CBS 1980

Dumptruck – The Haunt – D is for Dumptruck – Incas 1983
The Embarrassment – Drive me to the Park – Hey Day 1979-83 – Bar None 1995
The Embarrassment – Patio Set – Sex Drive b/w Patio Set Reissue – Last Laugh 1980/2012
Mekons – Where Were You? – V/A Mutant Pop – Fast Records 1980
Jack & the Rippers – I Think it’s over – V/A Swiss Wave the Album – Off Course 1980

Bright Ideas – Cut My Hair – And Don’t the Kids Just Love it? – Rocket Science Alliance 2005
Dreamdate – Go Fish – Patience – Skywriting Records 2009
The Pharmacy – Pines – Dig Your Grave EP – Kind Turkey Records 2012
The Paperhead – Pictures Of Her Demise – Pictures of Her Demise 7” – Trouble in Mind 2012
Cause Co-Motion – Which Way is Up? – Which Way is Up? 7” – What’s Your Rupture? 2007

So Cow – Shackleton – I’m Siding with my Captors – Covert Bear 2008
So Cow – Meun Geun Yeong – These Truly Are End Times – Covert Bear 2007

June 2012 Fabrics

22 Jun

I have a new batch of fabric now available on! Designing fabric has been one of my favorite projects lately.

Completed Garden Projects

19 May

I caught up on some podcasts and spent part of the afternoon working on the garden projects I linked to on the previous post. I made three small planters and several plant markers. I didn’t have any clay tools, specifically a smoothing tool to make the joints and connecting pieces look clean and professional. Since these are the first ones, I’m giving myself some slack. They aren’t perfect, but I like them anyways.

The plant markers were much easier and looked a lot better because they required less tools. I had a set of alphabet stamps which made the markers especially simple. I made markers for some of the succulents and herbs. I’m already making a list for more to make later. I think they look pretty good! FYI, the Mint marker is really white. The light gave it an orange tint.

Thanks to Say Yes to Hoboken for the planter instructions, and Wit & Whistle for the marker guide!

Garden Projects

19 May

My summer to do list is starting to get a little out of control. A lot of my early efforts have been happening in the backyard. I’ve got most of the vegetable garden planted and seedlings started in small pots. I cleaned the back patio and got almost all of my new succulents planted! A few crafty projects have popped up that I really want to try. They both involve using polymer bake-able clay.

One is a Handmade Clay pot. The author designed hers in the shape of little houses. It looks fun and easy! Second is making garden makers with the same material. I think it’s time to get crafting.

In other news, several of my succulents are getting ready to flower! I’ll post pictures when that happens. Others are branching off new succulents, like the Hen and Chicks Sempervivums. This photo was taken a few weeks ago and the little babies are much bigger now.
Happy planting!

Succulent Extravaganza!

7 May

A few years ago our landlord gave us a few succulents that they couldn’t take with them on a move. A few years later, our backyard is full of clippings from these original plants, as well as a growing collection purchased at various nurseries, farmers markets and this weekend – the local Succulent show and sale!

I never gave much thought to succulents or cacti. Once they were in my possession and didn’t shrivel and die from lack of attention, I was intrigued. When a branch from the jade plant fell off during a wet and cold winter, I stuck it in an old pot, and miraculously, it lived! It rooted, and is still happily growing away. Plants that can survive with little attention and can easily propagate are right up my alley. I’ve always wanted to be a good gardener, but I’m not. My vegetable and herb garden do OK, but the plants that do best are the mints and rosemary that don’t require constant care and don’t require me to invest in new seedlings every year. I have a small budget and those that cost the least are my friends.

I find succulents to be both cost-effective and rewarding. I’ve been able to get cuttings off my plants and start new ones. They don’t require much water and tolerate the hot California summers. This weekend I gathered up some friends and we browsed the awesome selection at the Sacramento Cactus and Succulent Society Show. The selection far outnumbered any local plant nursery I’ve been to. The sheer variety was mind boggling and awesome. I found several plants that I had eyed in my succulent books and was super excited to add them to my collection.

Alright, let’s look at some of the goodies!

This last one isn’t new. I got this tea cup from the as-is section at Ikea for a buck, filled the bottom with rocks for drainage, and put a few cuttings in it. I love it. Super simple and looks great.

Anyone else going succulent crazy?

KDVS Fundraiser T-shirt

27 Apr


Hey all! My favorite radio station, KDVS, a fantastic community run station is having their annual Fundraiser this week. I designed a shirt for them for their awesome theme, “Your Beacon in a Sea of Sound.” I had a lot of fun developing a nautical themed design. It’s available in a variety of sizes for a $25 donation. Please support this awesome community resource. I do a show on-and-off here and it changed my life when I stepped through those doors 10 (!!!!) years ago. These types of radio stations are dying and need public support. Please help out if you can. There are tons of great premiums to get in exchange for your donation including music packages, gift certificates and more! Thank you in advance!

You can listen to archives from my shows last summer here.

Housewarming Party Invitations

3 Apr

This month so far has seen the creation of 4 invitations! I plan on unveiling many more over the next few weeks. I’ve always wanted to get into developing and creating paper goods and here we go. The first one I’m sharing here are my Mid-Modern Century inspired Housewarming invitations. I really love these. Text & color are customizable. They are available in my Etsy Store. They are sold in sets with envelopes, but can also be set up and sent to you as a high-quality PDF for you to print yourself. Contact me for more information.

Happy Tuesday!