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African Flower Blanket

22 Jul

Ellie modeling the blanket, looking very contemplative.

Last month I finished this blanket for two of my newlywed friends who moved away to start their new lives on a farm in Oregon. My friend Emily is a lover of all things vintage, especially 1960s/70s era. I found this pattern for a modified African Flower afghan block featuring 8 pedals instead of the standard 6, creating a square instead of hexagon block. It has a nice vintage-feel and I like the colors – cool blues and purples – and I think the yellow centers really make the flowers pop. It was a great pattern to work with. The blanket took 3 months to finish and I’m incredibly happy with it! While sewing the squares together, I escaped the heat and watched tons of Star Trek: The Original Series. Engage!





Worst Blogger!

26 Mar


That’s me – worst blogger!! What a terrible blogger I am. Oh well. All this is really just a hobby right now. When things really get rolling maybe I’ll have more to post about?

Let’s move onto better things. I have a new plant discovery! Air plants! (Seems logical, right? Succulents to air plants?) I’ve seen the name around, but never did the research until recently. It happened right before a trip to one of the local plant nurseries and they had a whole basket of them. I plucked out three and they are now displayed around the house, high up, out of reach of the pesky, troublesome, awesome kitties.  The largest one you can see is now displayed in this awesome Counselor Troi mug, a fantastic holiday gift from one of my fellow Next Gen nerds in my office/studio/yarn/craft emporium. I’m also trying my hand at a terrarium for another one. It’s in progress, so I’ll share that later.

While on a short break, I’ve been working on a fun new crochet project. I always like to have an in-progress project, and there are usually multiples, which is the case now. I learned a new pattern, a fun version of the popular African Flowers design. I’m making a super special, super secret thing for a friend. I’ll share a sneak of the flowers. I’m working factory-style, so this is just a portion of the afghan block. It’s an 8-pedaled version which gives the block a square outline instead of a hexagon. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hexagon, but they give you trouble when it comes to the edging.


Thanks for reading. It’s kind of nice to have a place for some brain smatterings and crafty sharing. Onwards!

June 2012 Fabrics

22 Jun

I have a new batch of fabric now available on Spoonflower.com! Designing fabric has been one of my favorite projects lately.