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KDVS Stickers 2013

27 Jul


I designed some stickers for KDVS Radio this Spring. One of them integrates their space theme from this year’s Fundraiser. The other features the eternal mix tape.


Subbed Radio Show 6.21.2012

22 Jun

I haven’t done a show on KDVS since last summer, so it was fantastic to do an hour slot yesterday. I played some old favorites and threw in some brand new releases and reissues. I hope you enjoy it.

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Soft Boys – Sandra’s Having her Brain Out – A Can of Bees – Two Crabs 1984

Seventeen – Night’s Over Now – Collected Studio Recordings
Ratz – Call it Quitz – Call it Quitz 7” – Rotating Records 1981
The Skunks – Earthquake Shake – Can’t Get Loose 7” reissue – Last Laugh 2012
Razz – Marianne – Airtime 7” EP – O’Rowrke 1979
Dirty Looks – Let Go – S/T – Stiff / CBS 1980

Dumptruck – The Haunt – D is for Dumptruck – Incas 1983
The Embarrassment – Drive me to the Park – Hey Day 1979-83 – Bar None 1995
The Embarrassment – Patio Set – Sex Drive b/w Patio Set Reissue – Last Laugh 1980/2012
Mekons – Where Were You? – V/A Mutant Pop – Fast Records 1980
Jack & the Rippers – I Think it’s over – V/A Swiss Wave the Album – Off Course 1980

Bright Ideas – Cut My Hair – And Don’t the Kids Just Love it? – Rocket Science Alliance 2005
Dreamdate – Go Fish – Patience – Skywriting Records 2009
The Pharmacy – Pines – Dig Your Grave EP – Kind Turkey Records 2012
The Paperhead – Pictures Of Her Demise – Pictures of Her Demise 7” – Trouble in Mind 2012
Cause Co-Motion – Which Way is Up? – Which Way is Up? 7” – What’s Your Rupture? 2007

So Cow – Shackleton – I’m Siding with my Captors – Covert Bear 2008
So Cow – Meun Geun Yeong – These Truly Are End Times – Covert Bear 2007

KDVS Fundraiser T-shirt

27 Apr


Hey all! My favorite radio station, KDVS, a fantastic community run station is having their annual Fundraiser this week. I designed a shirt for them for their awesome theme, “Your Beacon in a Sea of Sound.” I had a lot of fun developing a nautical themed design. It’s available in a variety of sizes for a $25 donation. Please support this awesome community resource. I do a show on-and-off here and it changed my life when I stepped through those doors 10 (!!!!) years ago. These types of radio stations are dying and need public support. Please help out if you can. There are tons of great premiums to get in exchange for your donation including music packages, gift certificates and more! Thank you in advance!

You can listen to archives from my shows last summer here.

Hermit Tunes Episode 8

25 Aug

Here it is, the last one of the summer and my last regular show for the foreseeable future. I played some favs and I got some really nice feedback from people. Thanks so much for listening to me this summer and on and off these past almost (10!) years! I’ll be back subbing on KDVS and doing shows here and there. My pal DJ Megan will be DJing this slot the next TWO weeks on KDVS from 8-9pm. She plays awesome 60s rock n roll. I can’t wait to hear her on the air again!

Listening options:
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Download* (128kbps)
*Please note, show starts at 2:20. Fast forward through the Sports show ahead of mine.


Wire – Dot Dash – Dot Dash – Harvest – 1978

Quiet Room – Pictures in the Attic – She Sits Alone – Win 1981
Our Daughter’s Wedding – Airline – Lawnchairs – Design  1980
Depeche Mode – Dreaming of Me – Dreaming of Me – Mute 1981
Our Daughter’s Wedding – Nightlife – Nightlife – Self Released 1980
Twinkeyz – Aliens in our Midst – Aliens in our Midst – Twirp 1977 REQUEST!

Grauzone – Eisbar – V/A Swiss Wave the Album – Off Course 1980
Flock of Seagulls – (It’s Not Me) Talking – Talking – Cocteau 1981
Digital Leather – I Tell My Sorrow to the Stones – Monologue – Shattered 2005

Gordons – Adults & Children – Future Shock 12″ EP – Flying Nun 1980
Lamps – Rototiller – S/T – In the Red 2005
Red Cross – Annette’s Got the Hits – V/A Posh Hits Vol. 1 Posh Boy 1983
The Incredible Kidda Band – Everybody Knows – Everybody Knows – Last Laugh 2011
Cichlids – Did You Ever?
Beex – Beat Beat – V/A Teenline Vol. 1 – Hyped 2 Death
Saints – Lipstick on Your Collar – V/A Seeds: Punk – Cherry Red Records

Menthol Wars – Even Lower Manhattan – V/A Cleveland Confidential – Terminal 1982
Scabs – Amory Buildings – V/A Killed by Death Vol. 22 – Redrum

Hermit Tunes Episode 7

18 Aug

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Download* (128kbps)
*Please note, show starts at 3:37. Fast forward through the Sports show ahead of mine.


Pink Grease – Peaches – This is For Real – Mute2004
Tangiers – Return to the Ship – Hot New Spirits – Sonic Unyon 2003

Ponys – Discoteca – Celebration Castle – In the Red 2005
Wounded Lion – Pony People – Carol Cloud – S-S 2008
NoBunny – Oh Cody – Raw Romance – Burger 2010
Ski Instructors – Horoscope – Kids on the Street – Dulcitone 2007

Women and Children – Born TP – Paralyzed Dance, Tonight – Narnack
Magnetic Fields – Washington D.C. – 69 Love Songs Vol. 2 – Merge 2004
Magnetic Fields – I Don’t Believe You – I – Nonesuch 2004

Purple Wizard – I’m Not Angry – I’ve Been Wrong Before – Show and Tell 2004
Purple Wizard – BBQ – BBQ – Show and Tell
Hunx and His Punx – Gimmie Gimmie Back Your Love – You Don’t Like Rock n Roll Rob’s House 2008
Yolks – I Do What I Do – Introducing the Yolks EP – Criminal IQ 2008
Dan Sartain – Doin’ Anything I Say – Legacy of Hospitality – One Little Indian 2011

Lyme Regis – Suffer Suffer – It Starts with the Band 4-song EP – Smart Guy 2005
Home Blitz – Feeling Cold – Live Outside – Self Released 2006
Lyme Regis – USA – It Starts with the Band 4-song EP Smart Guy 2005

Jay Reatard – Fading All Away – Blood Visions – In the Red 2006
Next week will be my last show! Thanks for sticking with it all summer! If you want to download the shows to keep for later, do it soon. The archive disappears after a few months. I’m not sure when I’ll be back on the air with a regular show, but I will keep you updated if I do any subbing.

Hermit Tunes Episode 6

13 Aug

Here we are, episode 6!  There are some great tracks including a fun song from the Nightingales that I re-stumbled upon in the stacks at KDVS on the great Cherry Red Records. There’s also an awesome cover by Tuxedo Moon, the mystery band Poor Girls, and my favorite Buzzcocks song. Enjoy!

Listening options:
Stream the archive
Download* (128kbps)
*Please note, show starts at 3:22. Fast forward through the Sports show ahead of mine.


Nightingales – Paraffin Brain – Paraffin Brain – Cherry Red 1981
Swell Maps – Let’s Build a Car – Let’s Build a Car – Rough Trade

Algebra Suicide – Please Respect Our Decadence – Little Dead Bodies – Buzzerama – 1986
Tuxedo Moon – I Heard it Through the Grapevine – Pinheads on the Move – Cramboy 1987
Poor Girls – Collision of Thots – S/T – Self Released 1985
XMasEve – Indestructable Man – Paint it Red EP – Self Released 1982
Higher Primates – Taking in the Summer – Taking in the Summer – Tekno Tunes1980
The Normal – T.V. O.D. – Warm Leatherette – Mute 1978

Buzzcocks – Promises – Singles Going Steady – IRA 1979
Barracudas – She Knows – Hear Me Calling – Dog Meat
Mr. Curt – Write Down Your Number – Write Down Your Number – Euphoria Records 1978
Undertones – (She’s a) Runaround – S/T – Sire 1979

The Creation – Painter Man – How Does it Feel to Feel – Edsel Records
The Kinks – Don’t Ever Change – Kinda Kinks! – Essential
The Byrds – Don’t Make Waves – Have Your Seen Her Face – Columbia 1967
The Grodes – I Won’t Be There – V/A Let’s Talk About Girls! – Bacchus Archives

The Castaways – Sam – V/A The Big Hits of Mid-America: The Soma Records Story 1963-1967

Hermit Tunes Episode 5

2 Aug

I know better than to drink coffee at night…anyways, here’s the playlist and link from tonight’s show up early for you! Most of it was from the show that didn’t make it on last week due to the transmitter being down because of electrical issues at UC Davis.

It has some great songs including one of my favorite cover’s of “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” originally by the Kinks.

Listening options:
Stream the archive
Download* (128kbps)
*Please note, show starts at 2:00. Fast forward through the Sports show ahead of mine.


Yard Trauma – I’m Not Like Everybody Else – V/A Sounds of Now! – Dionysus 1987

Lyres – How Do You Know? – How Do You Know? – Sounds Interesting – 1979
Pacers – I Want You Back – V/A Wyld Canada Vol. 2: Shake Yourself Down – Bosshoss66
A Passing Fancy – I’m Losing Tonight – V/A Searching in the Wilderness – Muziek Express
Glass Candle – Keep Right on Living – V/A Fuzz Flaykes & Shakes Vol. 5 – Bacchus Archives
Main Line – Don’t Wait Around – V/A Wyld Canada Vol. 4: Rotten to the Core – Bosshoss66
Pleasure Seekers – What a Way to Die – V/A Friday at the Hideout – Norton 2001

Richard Strange – International Language – International Language – Cherry Red 1979
Elements of Style – Electricity – Sacred Objects – Gyro 1981
Units – High Pressure Days – Digital Stimulation – 415 – 1980
Human League – Life Kills – Travelogue – Virgin – 1980

Gang of Four – What We All Want – What We All Want – EMI 1981
15 Minutes – That’s What You Always Say – That’s What You Always Say – Down There 1981
Fans – True – Deathwish – Self Released – 1980
What Now – The End – Small Record with Four Songs – INCAS 1985

Alley Cats – Too Much Junk – V/A Yes L.A. – Dangerhouse
Simpletones – Tigerbeat Twist – V/A Beach Blvd – Posh Boy

Satan’s Rats – In My Love For You – V/A Year of the Rats!

No Radio Show this week

27 Jul

Due to electrical issues at UC Davis, KDVS was off the air for a large part of yesterday evening. My show, among others, was unable to be broadcast. Sorry! I had a good show lined up, but it be on next week.

Hermit Tunes Episode 4

20 Jul

This episode of Hermit Tunes features early soul, doo-wop and pop music. The first half is all girl groups and lady vocalists, and the rest continues the soul vibe. All this music was recorded in the late 50s through the 60s. I love this era of music and am very proud of this show. Enjoy!

Listening options:
Stream the archive
Download* (128kbps)
*Please note, show starts at 3:47. Fast forward through the Sports show ahead of mine.


Shirelles – Can’t We Be Sweethearts – Remember When – Scepter Records
The Soul Sisters – I Can’t Stand it – I Can’t Stand it – Collectables
Shirelles – Big John – Remember When – Scepter Records

The Dixie Cups – I’m Gonna Get You Yet – Chapel of Love – Collectables
Connie Francis – Lipstick on Your Collar – The Very Best Of – MGM
The Dixie Cups – Another Boy Like Mine – Chapel of Love – Collectables
The Ronnettes – Keep on Dancing – V/A Phil Spector Wall of Sound Vol. 6 Rare Masters – Phil Spector International
Leola and the Lovejoys – He Ain’t No Angel – V/A The Daisy/Tiger Records Story: Everybody Clap Your Hands! – Sundazed
The Soul Sisters – Think About the Good Times – I Can’t Stand it – Collectables

Chuck Wright – The Palm of Your Hand – V/A Birth of Soul Vol. 3 – Kent
Billy Butler – Right Track – V/A It’s Okeh Up North – Sony
Bobby Freeman – Mary Ann Thomas – Do You Want to Dance? – Collectables
Ty Karim – You Just Don’t Know – The Complete Ty Karim – Kent
The Parliaments – Heart Trouble – V/A Groovesville Review – Unreleased Detroit 60s Soul – Goldmine Soul Supply
James Brown – Out of the Blue – The Singles Vol. 3 1964-1965 – Hip-o Select
Dee & Don – Mr. Fortune Teller – V/A The Heart of Southern Soul – Ace Records

Major Lance – The Beat – V/A It’s Okeh up North – Okeh
The Gambrells – You Better Move – V/A Detroit Gold Vol. 2 – Solid Smoke
Otis Redding – That’s How Strong My Love is – The Best of Otis Redding – ATCO

Jimmy Ruffin – Don’t Feel Sorry for Me – V/A Birth of Soul Vol. 3 – Kent

Hermit Tunes Radio Show

18 Jun

I’m back on the air at KDVS starting this Tuesday for the Summer Session. Here’s a  little background. I started at KDVS back in 2002, (almost ten years, yikes!). I was in high school, disliking most things, pulling away from most of my friends, being a jerk, and it changed my life. As I went through my stereotypical music phases, I had this feeling that there had to be better music out there. When the music on TV and corporate radio didn’t provide this, I turned to the internet where I was blown away by websites dedicated to the great era of music from the late 70s and early 80s from different areas of the (western) world devoted to punk rock. I dug deeper and discovered underground, independent music that I fell in love with. Always a fan of 60s tunes, I also found great wild rock’n’roll bands that remained under the radar during their heyday, but that had created music that still held up decades later. From there my discoveries splintered into all sorts of sounds, genres and eras.

When I stepped into the stacks at KDVS, it was love at first sight. I knew it was where I was meant to be. I devoted many years to the radio station, including working on staff for two years, and doing a weekly radio show for about 6 or 7 years straight. I stopped doing my show a few years ago after my life went through some crazy changes. This included a house fire, several moves, and a shift back into being a full time student. Something had to give.

I’m happy to be back on the air, even if it’s only for the summer.

My show will have a mix of new and old music. My tastes cover many sub genres, including synth pop and punk, garage rock, “indie” rock, power pop, surf music and all kinds of blips here and there. There will be new favorites and forever classics that I love. I’ll post my playlists every week and a link to the archive so you can listen on your MP3 player while you make dinner or clean your house or ponder the mysteries of life.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s going to be a fun summer.