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Experiments in Freeform Crochet

24 Jun

Freeform crochet is the technique of crocheting with no pattern. You play it by ear…hook and formulate the shapes that become objects or pieces of a project. I was inspired by a crocheter and designer on Ravelry who has made some beautiful blankets using the freeform technique with birds and sheep. They are incredibly unique looking, taken originally from a Dutch crochet book. I’ve been experimenting with the technique trying out some sheep and attempting to use up some of my out-of-control yarn stash. It’s kind of tricky, but it’s really fun and very dependent upon your own creativity and imagination. So far I’ve made three sheep. Three lop-sided sheep. Your first tries will never be perfect. I always have to remember that! I’m going to keep practicing until I get them how I want them.


Quick sheep sketches

Before starting, I did some quick sketches of very basic sheep. That helps me visualize them, and prepares my brain for translating them from ideas, to sketches, to the crocheted versions. (This is part of the process for Graphic Design too. See what I did there?)


I am not sure what shape this sheep is? Blob-ular?


This sheep looks pretty regal

ImageHopefully by showing these somewhat embarrassing first tries I’ll be motivated to keep practicing and increase the sheep herd. I also think that they’ll pop once they have the crocheted background. I’m still brainstorming the color. Green to mimic a pasture? Is that too obvious?