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They’re Sprouting!!

17 Jul

ImageImageImageYay!! On the heel’s of yesterday’s post, I woke up this morning, past by with my morning coffee and sure enough, several seedlings were poking up from the soil. What a nice mid-week surprise. This is only 4 days after planting sowing them!

I took them out yesterday and placed them in the bright sun for a while. They’re normally perched near an window inside, but the sun is obscured by trees. I think they enjoyed their afternoon sun bathing.


Here we go again…

16 Jul


With a soon-to-expire $5 coupon in hand to one of our local garden/hardware stores, I made one of my garden splurges. Of course I spent more then I meant (isn’t that the purpose of those coupons?) The damage: a few packs of flowers, soil, sale plant pot, the obligatory succulents and some seed packets. I usually avoid seeds because they are so much work. This time I couldn’t resist checking out the sheet hanging beside the display of seeds to see what could be planted in July. That column was sparse, but I picked up three that could be started as seeds and planted later in the summer for a fall/winter crop. These were collard greens, cauliflower and kale. Three veggies that I love and would be perfect to grow at home. The last time I had success with seeds, it was with some tomatoes that I started that made it to the garden and to adulthood. Unfortunately, it was a bad year for tomatoes – we had a few strange hail storms in June and the weather was weird that summer so they weren’t very productive, but I was proud of those huge tomato plants that had once started as tiny seeds.

Summer is a good time for time consuming projects since my workload is usually lighter and my motivation is pricking to avoid boredom. I planted the seeds on the 13th, so I’m going to track them to see how they do. I planted them in potting soil, but afterwards read it’s best to plant them in specific seedling mix. How did I never know this? Well, the tomatoes grew just fine in soil, so let’s see how these do. I also designed and printed out a gardening log, so I’m going to be super-scientific with this batch. I’ll track their sprouting (if they do), fertilization times, planting, productivity and death.

Full sprouting ahead!